Nueva fecha de cierre para postularte: 26/08/2018 

Presentá tu idea o proyecto innovador en FWL Argentina 2018. Sé parte de un evento único!

Podrás realizar tu presentación en inglés o en español. Postulate directamente en la web oficial a nivel mundial de FWL (form. en inglés).

Target: A selection of innovators & changemakers

  1. Outstanding talents, innovators, high potentials with groundbreaking ideas
  2. All disciplines are welcome: from engineering, social sciences, natural sciences and economics to the liberal arts


Selection criteria / Eligibility

  • If an applicant has a Bachelor’s degree, the degree should not date back more than 10 years
  • If an applicant has a Master’s degree, the degree should not date back more than 7 years
  • If an applicant has a PhD, the degree should not date back more than 5 years
  • Postdocs and students which are currently enrolled in university are also eligible to apply

The Falling Walls Foundation will review all incoming applications and provide the hosting institution a final list of applications which will only include eligible applicants.

If an applicant has participated in any Falling Walls Lab before, he or she is not allowed to apply again!
Presentation: scholars!

  • Every scholar has exactly 3 minutes to present – that is the unique selling point of the Lab concept
  • The scholars to compose their titles according to this format: “Breaking the wall of (problem which your work tackles or solves)”. Example: Breaking the Wall of Poverty
  • The scholars’ presentations should include: the question/issue of interest; the problem; the solution/breakthrough & a proof of concept/implementation
  • Every scholar shall prepare 3 ppt-slides: 1 introductory slide with name, institution and title of presentation & a max. of 2 content slides. Falling Walls provides the PPT template
  • Make your presentations understandable for everyone: interdisciplinary audience and jury

    Postulate ahora!





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